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Viewing of the film „Transformation and Empathy“

7. September 2023

Viewing of the film „Transformation and Empathy“

The preview 2023 september 7 was a professional preview.

Public: We invited a limited number of professionals in sociology, peace work, filming and writers. We discussed and decided further editing of the film. The film was cast in Spanish because it is a common mother tongue of all four authors. Subtitles will be available in French, English and later also in German.

Preview duration: 3 hours

Starring: Yolanda Bandrés, Andreu Ginestet, Yolanda Mora, Marcello Scotti and invited professional actress Montserrat Ribas Cortadellas.

History to the interview

The script or idea and how it is expressed

Ideas never stand alone because they are basically always born in a current of thought, and ideas are born into awareness at a time in which the ideas emerge from the collective awareness and consciousness. Besides, even being embedded, ideas still need to be profiled and no idea as such is any worth unless it spreads. Hence, the communication of any idea is at least as important as the idea itself.

Consequently, the film team decided not only to formulate the idea in a provocative setting, but also we introduced obvious flaws into the idea on purpose. We hope a thorough and constructive discussion based on the thoughts and ideas of the viewers achieves peace. Obviously any proposed idea that is drafted as a catch and fly for own creation is essential to peace. Also, ideas can be like Trojan horses. They may stay undercover for a while in a treasury of brains, until the time has come to discuss the wording, the essence and the intention.

The script of the interview is a thought-provoking condensation of more than 40 years of intellectual work by the artist. It is not only the content that triggers reactions. It is also the way the idea is told, which is seemingly broad-minded, nonchalant, even self-complacent or bold. The artist being rooted in his time and the general current of thoughts, borrows concpets from several science fields.


However, his system theory is not only original, it has been labeled as very original by military ( McGinnis 2009, Jopp 2015) intellectuals (Valentich 2015) sociologists (Bosch) legal advisors to the government (Tamarit 2015) and peace philosophers (Galtung 2008) repeatedly and under different circumstances, of which few are written and published in proof. The qualification of original refers to the way the artist combines thoughts and knowledge. It is a concept, which is innovative for the time in which the ideas are expressed, but 15 years later is standard thought in social sciences, economics or political science.

What is mind-boggling though is the way the artist speaks his proposition and words the ideas at ease. The contrast between the ease of the artist and the complacent stubbornness of the discourses of violence in the mouths of politicians is utterly disturbing. And this is something that enrages politicians and their employees. And this is inherent to the ideas and the fact the authors know they are just in time.


The script was written in the previous months of the same year 2022. It was elaborated along 130 strategic questions and 130 strategic answers. 130 questions and answers describe a strategy for a social transition from a violence based planetary societal structure to an empathy based planetary societal structure. The preview is conceived for a debate as to choose the best way for publishing the film.

The summarized and published text is thought of as a trigger for discussion. Readers (or viewers of the interview) may understand that the solution offered in the interview is a draft, an idea, and the film is the tool to present the idea. The people talking in the film are sincere and explain a solution with a natural and logical attitude. It is a positive statement which is thought for any person. It is worded in such a way that does not need a science or literature background, except for the usage of words that are not yet of the common language. These words are words like system theory, complexity or epigenetics.


This script is not the equivalent of a scientific text, or book, out if which we see an integrated approach that colludes i.e. with Husserl, Morin, Foucault, or Baumann.

While several writings may be written as sequels out of the script, precisely adorning with science the essence of the proposal, the viewer should understand that this plan is exceptional in terms of scope, consequence and ambition. The plan at display is essential. And the idea behind such a plan is the general discussion of such plans. The most simple and radical deduction to be taken is:

  • if the world wants cooperation, cooperation should be the main principle of thought.
  • This implies that all attitudes reducing or disturbing cooperation must be targeted by such a plan.
  • Last but not least, if violence is targeted in such a plan, the targeting must be universal, as it is impossible to think of disarming violence in any nation, without disarming violence in its neighbors.


The superficial viewing could erroneously lead to the impression that a bunch of cretins wants to solve the problems of the world. Let’s be frank: any person wishing so could think the authors are a bunch of conspirators aiming at global dominance. It is rather natural for the authors to comment on it, before the viewers use the conspiracy label:

  • The script is written for an interview as a ground for discussion and debate.
  • There is no aim to present these thoughts as correct or as a standard.
  • Less even, the thoughts in the script aim at scientific comparison or understanding. Far from science, the thoughts Instead are presented as a draft for debate.

There is no scientific language or comparison in the script, because we do not want non-academic people to feel excluded. Academics love to use scientific language just as much as politicians use smoke-curtains to blur responsibilities. We do stand responsible for what we state. The difference between science based authors and us is: we want to do what we say. We want a clear discussion upon a feasible political solution. This is the same scientists could propose if they wanted. Scientists generally are non committing. Hence, science rules are for us not binding and irrelevant. We make a political statement, and we are willing to do what we state.

Context of the filming

The interview was filmed December 2022, Thursday 1st  and Friday 2nd in rooms of the department of Gaudí studies at of the University of Barcelona in the Colonia Güell.

 We all met on the film set. Montserrat was new in the team. Marcello, Andreu and both Yolandas are working together as silent diplomats since 2018. Marcello was the director and technical advisor of the interview-set.

We discussed the peace project with our newcomer Montserrat, the reason for the interview and the idea we had, and we divided the parts and roles spontaneously on site.

What was important for us, was to see how a person that had never read such ideas before would react. Montserrat was a perfect candidate for the purpose, being an actress. Our conclusion was that if Montserrat could read, understand and even actively participate, any other person could do the same. And we received proof of fact.

We wish all our viewers a pleasant moment with the interview as well as deep conversations with the general public.


Yolanda Bandrés, Andreu Ginestet, Yolanda Mora, Marcello Scotti


7. September 2023


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