Der YouTube Kanal „Pareto For Peace“

Am 23. Juni 2024 eröffnet die Gruppe Stiller Diplomaten


den YouTube Kanal paretoforpeace, lesbar: Pareto for Peace

Sinn und Zweck des Kanals wird wie folgt beschrieben:

This channel is set up for all artists, scientists and citizens who wish to contribute to

– the strategy

– the tactics

for the transformation of human society with a reversal of the Pareto of trauma/cooperation in favor of cooperation. Our displayed idea is not a plan for action but food for thought.

We welcome contributions that are specific in terms of strategy and tactics.


The strategies proposed shall be addressed to the founding group via the email: We accept systemic paradoxes, hence i.e. problems instead of solutions.


We aim at artistic, biological (i.e. food, epigenetics, etc), cultural, medical, psychological, scientific, social, tactics that contribute to an intensive narrative and wording campaign in favor of helping the reduction of the influence of trauma on humankind. A reversal of the Pareto-ratio in favor of cooperation & peace switches all perspectives on all problems we currently face.

Ebenso werden alle Beiträge zum Frieden die ich seit 1988 geleistet habe in einer Playlist: Andreu Ginestet aufgeführt.

Beiträge zu einer Kultur des Friedens im Sinne einer Drehung des bestehenden Pareto von Gewalt und Kooperation zugunsten der Kooperation bitte an die Adresse:


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